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21 year old Male
Last online about 2 months ago
Trinidad and Tobago

Hi hi, my name Antonio, but you can call me poke/pok3
I am a 19 year old bi/pan boy
Western Zodiac is Leo and Chinese Zodiac is The Snake (my Primal Zodiac is The Fox- ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-d-ding-d-ding xD)
I am mixed race consisting of African. Indian, Chinese, Spanish and Scottish
I gots curly swiggly hair uwu (blessing and a curse- i mean seriously combing this thing takes hours)
Im also a soft boii so dont hurt me or imma crai....nyehh ;-;

I like all genre of anime/manga (except mecha, im sorry but i just cant get into it), cartoons and music
My hobbies are reading smut on wattpad(not anymore. i got pissed when some of my fav books i needed to pay for and i got no way to support the authors *cries* so i just gave up on wattpad), writing song lyrics (i cant sing for my life), singing (when im home alone..sometimes...my cats look at me weird when i do ;-;), staying indoors and being a couch potato and making new friends online

I can be awkward at times and as you can tell by my 'what does the fox say' reference above, im cringee asf :>
Don't let that drive you away from messaging me tho. I wont bite...unless you want me to owo (jk xD unlesss...>w>..)

(Currently a highschool student in the process of writing my final exams/awaiting my results
I intend on going to university and majoring in psychology and focusing my career path based on that. I always want to help people and be there for them especially when no one else is...)
Scratch that above. I'm currently in the University of the West Indies studying Leadership and Management. I didn't get into psyc but im gonna try again after i complete this course :3 I still very much want to help people in any way I can and with my base personality im certain that this is what im destined to do.

Well..yea.. i know this is a mess but if there's something you wanna know just hit me up and ask :3

ALSO I AM A TOTAL POKEMON FANATIC SO CHALLANGE ME ON SHOWDOWN IF YOU GOT THE POKEBALLS TO DO IT (fanatic may be a bit of a stretch but consider me as such >.> or i'll Blast Burn you in the fa- jk jk ill just rest and glare >w>)