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Mistakes to avoid while taking care of your ESA dog - 2021 Guide


Emotional support animals have immense importance for their human companions. It is tried and tested that emotional support animals are helpful to treat many mental problems that are mostly related to emotional imbalances. Dogs, among other emotional support animal letter, are more useful and important to their human companions. Humans take good care of their loving pets; however, it is observed by experts that there are some mistakes that humans make while taking care of their emotional support animal. The mistakes can vary from person to person, yet we have gathered a list of some of the most common mistakes to guide you.



Forgetting to cut the nails


It is observed that not cutting the nails of emotional support dogs is the most common mistake. Nail trimming is vital for the grooming of your dog. It observed that big nails of emotional support dogs can lead to pain and several medical issues. Owners are always advised to groom their dogs properly. This will result in lesser complications.


Skipping annual vaccination is a mistake


Neglecting health is a common human trait. We apply that to our dogs as well. It is observed that people usually forget or skip the annual vaccination of their emotional support animals. Vaccination is vital as it helps prevent the most common diseases among pets. Forgetting to vaccinate your dog is a mistake. Take some time out and get your loved pet vaccinated.


Skipping the socialization process at an early age


You might be over-possessive towards your Emotional support animal, and do not want to share their love and company with anyone else. However, it is important to engage your Emotional support dog in the socialization process at an early age. Socializing has enormous benefits for the good behaviour of your dog. Socializing makes them less aggressive and more friendly towards other members of your family and friends. It is obvious that you do not want to see your emotional support dog letter make trouble for others. It is always advised to make them socialize; this will increase the amount of love they pore for you.


Not having an Emotional support letter


The purpose of Emotional support animals is to support you in terms of emotions. Emotional support animals provide love and companionship which helps you to perform well in your life. However, there is a prerequisite for owning an emotional support animal. You must have an esa letter for housing


If you have an Emotional support dog and you keep it inside your home, you need an ESA letter for housing. The ESA letter is something that allows you to keep the dog in your house without having to pay any extra dollar. So, make sure to have both letters at your disposal at all times to avoid any trouble.


Requesting friends to take care of your dog for the weekend


If you have a dog that you love, you must be aware of the fact that accidents and health problems can happen at any time. Similarly, if you are aware of that and you have asked your friend to take care of your dog, it is a mistake. Your friend will not love your dog as you do. Other than that, your friend doesn't need to know how to treat dogs. If you have acquired the esa letter, then it is your responsibility to take care of the dog.


Shouting at your dog


Experts have encountered several complaints from dog owners that their dog does not listen to them when they lecture the dog. First of all, it is really important to understand that dogs do not understand reasoning, philosophy, and science. They understand in a clear black and white manner. The  Emotional Support Dog owner needs to come up with a clear notion of liking and disliking. Yelling at the dog when it has done something wrong only confuses it and does not help in any way. Therefore, you should develop a clear sign of when you like something and when you do not like something.


Leaving your dog in a hot car


My love for dogs makes me write this comment: it is torture to leave your dog in a hot car. It is observed that many people leave their dogs in a hot car for a short time. This is not a recommended practice, because for Emotional Support Cat you never know, your two minutes can stretch longer than that. The temperature in a car, parked in the sun, can increase within minutes. So, if you have just left for a minute, and by accident you had to stay out for a longer period, your dog will die. These harsh words are here because it is a serious matter and small negligence can turn into a disaster.


Not providing your dog the needed space


There is no doubt that dogs are humans' best friends, however, they also need some privacy. After throwing a lot of love and care at the human companion, it needs to relax and take a rest in its place. Dogs need a space in the house. Dog owners are always advised to provide a good private space for the dog, so that it can relax and sleep at that place with comfort. If you have an emotional support animal like a dog, you already know how much emotional support, love, care, and companionship it provides. Therefore, you should designate a proper place for your dog so that it can rest and sleep at its place with comfort. 


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