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36 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
Kik- Pancakes_and_Pencils
Instagram- honeycomb_boi (where i post my doodles for none to see! )

I'm trying to crawl out of my shell a little, I'm a total introvert (and not in the cool, mysterious kinda' way! >_>). I'm pretty easy going, a dork when it comes to comics and anime and more recently a total Potterhead (as in Harry Potter n_n'). The idea of meeting new people is a little scary (ie: paralyzing) to me u_u' I'm pretty shy and quiet till I get to know you. Oh, yeah, and I'm a total self-absorbed jerk, but I've got it under control, I swear. Or not. Also I can fly. Now paint me, like one of your French women!