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29 year old Male
Last online 8 months ago
Regina, Canada
My name's Matthew.

I'm new to this site and thought it would be fun to try it out since I love anime and gaming.
My personality type is INFP so I'm considered an Idealist. I really love coming up with new things and being creative.

Some of my hobbies include, drawing, anime, gaming, music, writing, poetry, lyrics, movies, gardening, nature oriented things, fantasy, ancient history, traveling, cooking, mixing drinks, woodworking, hanging out with friends, chatting and discussing topics of interest, etc.

I'm a pretty laid back kind of person and try to enjoy the simple things in life. I love to laugh and make others laugh and smile. I hope to meet some new people, make friends, find love, and travel. I'd love to do some cosplay and anime conventions in the future.

My anime list is a lot longer than my current list showing. I've lost track of how many series I've actually watched over the years. My crunchyroll queue has over 300 different series watched, watching or to be watched. And there are tons that aren't in that list that I've seen but don't remember all the names. xD

If you have any questions or curiosities and would like to get to know me more, feel free to message me any time and ask away. :P