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25 year old Male
Last online 12 months ago
Cincinnati, OH
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So the Animatic Con is over, and now I'm sad lol. I've got pics of my merch, and pics of cosplayers. I'll upload all the others, but this pic... By the gods, I just wanted to '*scoops little girl up* "I claim this child as mine. She will sit on a thrown of adorbs and all will bow to her kawaii power." She was just SOOOO cute. She even did Nico's "Nico Nico Nii!" I applaud her mother for supporting her interest in anime and even cosplay. Most parents I know would never consider going along with it, but that could just be among MY network of people. Anywho, I may have not taken as many pictures as most people do, but it was my first con, so gomen! ww


Good luck m8
upload some pics later >>


Can't wait for tomorrow. My first convention,and I'm so excited.

Mar 03, 19 at 7:04pm

Hahaa yes ^-^ Kotori is wholesome and Hanamaru is a precious cinnamon roll~

myaanna @myaanna left a comment for Otaku5ama
Mar 03, 19 at 6:01pm

tots would like to chat :D


Sure wish I had a lady to go to the up coming con with. It's fun with the bois, but just not the same.


A pleasure to meet you^^


Feel free to message me, anyone. I'm only into women, and I am looking to meet a lady. But I can always add another anime friend male or female. I have too few friends in the anine department.


Hey hey. Looking for some fellow otaku to talk to. Looking to find ladies in my area, but I'm open to male friends. I forget a lot, and this is a new thing, so I may take a minute(not THAT long) to hop on. Umm, to start, I've seen 294 different anime. Not including individual seasons, and not including movies.