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21 year old Female
Last online 12 days ago
Hull, United Kingdom
hiiii, a typical mentally ill egirl (u guess???)

i play a lot of games >__< i mainly enjoy mmos
some games i play include: world of warcraft, ffxiv, league of legends, valorant, tft, genshin, cod (tdm only i'm so bad..)

im sorry, i don't really watch anime unless it's with another person! i'm very picky too... but i love horror and romance ^__^ and i wanna cosplay in the future!
i was super lazy so i didn't add all the anime i like to my list sorry!!!!!

i have a recent addiction to hazbin hotel UHHHHHHHHH, don't ask who's my fav character.. ull hate me.

i'm a huge introvert irl, i rarely leave the house and i have 0 irl friends :3 but online i'm very friendly!
i also have a lot of typing quirks so please let me know if ure finding it hard to understand and i'll try to stop! (e.g shortening words like that to tht)

i can't wait to meet you!
i accept everyone but expect u to message me at least ;__; if u don't message me i'll just remove u

twitter @0kyua
insta @tohy