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Last online about 5 years ago
Hi there my name is Nikki, I am 25 currently, and a part-time hair stylist. Yes I was diagnosed with four different chronic illnesses that are not curable but besides that I still need a life regardless of my disabilities. I can walk sometimes and other days I might just be bedridden but I like to play video games and I love cars. I also love anime of all different kinds from Japanese sub to English. I am looking for somebody male or female who can accompany me on my journey as well as enjoy different types of things in life. I learn to be patient after I became severely ill or flared up if you will. And I want to be able to spend my life with somebody either as a friend or a relationship I will not be rushing because I want to get to know people and I'm done wasting time. Living with chronic pain can really make you stay indoors but I am willing to get to know people again. I don't really have friends and I really don't go out a lot because I get very sick but I definitely have feelings and I'm fun to talk to. If you want any other questions you can direct message me.