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33 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
Melbourne, Australia
To list things I like
Games (pretty much all of em always willing to try any game and there are plenty I love)
Anime (again I love a lot of anime and always look for more to get into).
Tv shows I am watching the dc shows atm such as Flash, Arrow, Supergirl etc also enjoy Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Lucifer plus many more. I love going to the movies to see the superhero based movies Dc or Marvel there both fantastic in there own right. I love Star Wars, Comedies, Horror the works.
I listen to all sorts of music.
I collect a lot of pop vinyls statues etc have a decent sized collection.
I have a truly beautiful cat who is so amazing that words don't do her justice.
I enjoy spending time with friends going out for drinks or dinner I just like to try to be active.

To say a bit about me I am gamer who is into collecting things, binge watching anime and tv shows, but I still love going out for drinks or seeing a movie and just making the best of a night. I am a bit of a shithead who has a fair bit of a sense of humour. I am seeking someone who would enjoy and share interests with me whether it is a nice night watching a show together to going out and having a laugh I am easy for whatever happens because if it's a night with someone I have similar interests with then no matter what happens it will be a fantastic evening. Truly aren't we all just looking for someone to fill that void and share in someone's amazing company. As I guess that's my goal doesn't have to be a relationship just new people to share things with. I have rambled on enough I am always up for a conversation, if you want to get to know more about me :).