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melati4u @melati4u left a comment for mr_brouillon
Jan 18, 22 at 8:13pm
This account has been suspended.
@criselington, not to offence you, but I don't like it. The song is so homogenous, even the part that should pop out of the song simply don't. that's not a problem with this song in particular but with a lot of Intro and theme song. it's the mixing of ot or the post prod the problem. This song should have more space between act (if that's make sence to you) even if it's not much, just a quarter or a sixth of a second should do. ...and they should have put more emphasis on the sound of some ''instrument'' instead of keeping it leveled like that. This is why i also have an issue with Giorno's Theme from Jojo's. the theme is good in itself, but... ...they miss the mark in some place where some cover fix it so well tat's a shame that it's not in the anime in itself. Like this one by example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOn2uKkcnX8 The sax and poses in the original arent that pronounced in the original.
@dyadka_yar i don't know if you watched Cowboy bebop but i think you could like it. it's a sci-fi about bounty hunther and it's very stylish. and by that, i mean that it goes averywhere, picking idea from old western, noir movies, thriller and kong-fu. One of the most interesting thing about this series is that the lore of the world surrounding them is not explicitly said, but you can understand it by looking at their surrounding and really few hint in the dialog. And like the show, the music go everywhere too. the main band who did the soundtrack is simply awesome going from jaz, blues and country to pop, Drum and bass and berber music. Here, one of the must funkiest song they made: What planet is this! by The Seatbelt from the 2001 movie of cowboy bebop. https://youtu.be/YA4P1A3jtu0 Also, if you watch it, do it in english, the translation team mastered it so much more than the japanese crew, even if they did an excelent job. -- @momoichi what's your next song, i'm curious. You're the metal head here, hit me with something good