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Soulest Otaku

26 year old Male
Last online 4 months ago
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Apr 05, 20 at 9:15pm
hey sir am leah am 21 female i love anime and gaming i love your profile pic i love kaname can we do a rp i wanna get know u better if thats ok :) pm me if interested
Getting back into doodling still suck with anatomy.
wanted to post some of my art been trying to learn to draw had to take a break for a while but if i continue to feel better ill start going hard at it again pretty soon
brielle500 sent my friend and I a lengthy scam message trying to get us to send money. Obviously most people are smart enough not to fall for these things. There is people who do fall for these things though. So I think this needs to be managed more quickly. brielle500 Messaged me a week ago and blocker them immediately but for some reason, mods haven't caught them yet. This would be solved if there was a report button right underneath the block button.