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23 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online over 5 years ago
READ IT!! :3 I'm Lucy and I was given birth to so that I could take over this planet one day. ^-^ I'm a narcissistic, sadist, but at times I can be masochistic. I love using big words.I like to meet new people. I'm pretty much a nice person, but my ego gets the best of me at times! I Love all sorts of anime whether its hentai or slice of life.I enjoy playing video games. I'm natively Mexican/Italian but I love all races. I webcam at times.(: I love texting o: I can't stand people who can't hold a decent conversation or can't spell to save their life, errors are made all the time but if you type like h3y h0w 4r3 y0u? please don't talk to me. History and art are hobbies of mine, i do a lot of fan art from my favorite animes. Sports aren't really my thing but baseball and wrestling i can watch all day. I also take pleasure in using as many smileys as possible x3