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Last online about 5 years ago
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gaminglover @gaminglover left a comment for miuukai
May 07, 16 at 2:00pm
dam... sorry you went through stuff like that. I mean...sure I'm on here to try to find a relationship yea but I ain't gonna make up bullshit like being sad and pathetic, simply cuze I ain't lol cookie? *holds hand out*
May 03, 16 at 2:03pm
I HATE PITY SO FREAKING MUCH!! DO NOT EVER EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU PITY DO NOT EVER TRY TO USE THE "I'M SO SAD & PATHETIC. I'VE NEVER DATED ANYONE BECAUSE THEY TELL ME I'M UGLY & I JUST WANT.." EXCUSE TO SOMEHOW GET CLOSE TO ME?? AND THEN A FEW CONVOS LATER START TALKING TO ME ABOUT YOUR EX?? Let me tell you something, buddy, that ain't gonna work. & please don't give me pity either. I don't give, I don't want it. This has been happening for quite often & it pisses me off.
hoobae567 @hoobae567 left a comment for miuukai
Apr 22, 16 at 12:02am
I've been pretty good, but there is always room for improvement lol. What have you been up to?
hoobae567 @hoobae567 left a comment for miuukai
Apr 12, 16 at 2:24am
Konnichi ha (or whatever time it is lol). Name's Zeke, and I will be your anime pal for the evening (or whenever you read this). :D
Mar 12, 16 at 12:49pm
I've been matched to myself, but only at 75% though (-.-)
darky555 @darky555 left a comment for miuukai
Feb 20, 16 at 1:03am
It seems that I would like to get to know who you are. ^u^
Feb 01, 15 at 6:08pm
your welcome :)
Jan 22, 15 at 12:13am
Notice: Not going to be really active. School is very stressful atm. Don't expect a response right away. It might take me a couple of days to respond. gg
Karasu @kain_karasu left a comment for miuukai
Jan 19, 15 at 5:35pm
It's not really that active right now >.> but it might be more active later...it kinda fluxuates
Karasu @kain_karasu left a comment for miuukai
Jan 19, 15 at 4:24pm
Heya, thanks for accepting my friend request :], have you checked out tinychat yet?