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24 year old Female
Last online almost 9 years ago
Rochester, NY,
ωєℓ¢σмє тσ му ραgє!

I'm a kawaii Imouto waifu who's looking for a master! I'm still kind of a loli ^-^

Hey I'm Mew or Cassidy! and well, this is my Profile.

My best friends are, +Kiria Callahan +Anime Baxter +Nekomura Iroha +Tony Berry , +Neko Len Kagamine レン, +Jared Boock, +Shannon Lennertz and +Hαкυ Hαgαηє.
My brother is +Gackpoid Vocaloid2 King of EMOS.

and what you'll find on my page is...

❤️ FNAF stuff

❤️ EXO

❤️ Weebish desu-desu stuff.

❤️ Vocaloid shippings.

❤️ Obsessions of mine.

❤️ Classic video games

❤️ Tumblr shit.

❤️ Markiplier.

❤️ Magical girl stuff!

❤️ Yandere posts.

❤️Don't be a dick to me, and I'll won't be a dick to you mmkay?

❤️Don't start having arguments on my post about bullshit, or I'll just block you.

❤️People have different opinions. If you have a problem about what I think or who I am as a person, then un-follow me I am also super into Yaoi and Yuri shippings,if you don't like it, it's your problem.

❤️I support bisexuals, and gays. I can be the nicest, motherly person you know, or I can be your straight enemy.

❤️You could have an intellectual conversation with me and I'm a really smart person! I'm a really great chef too! I hope that I'll meet someone who is charming, witty, intelligent, and well dressed someday.
Apr 24-25
Aug 7-8
Sep 11-13