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『疲れに ひめ 』

20 year old Female
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Last online 1 day ago
toronto, Canada
What is up im miyaku,everyone calls me mimi,im a toronto based cosplayer. im a huge model kit fan i build a lot of gundams, garage kits,macross and evas. im also a huge figure collector with an obsession for super sonico and odd friendly to talk to just i beg you dont come on too strong . if anyone ever needs cosplay help im always happy to help out :3 favorite genres gotta me gore/horror and mecha im also a huge bitch for any anime based in edo/heian period.also a huge gamer love rpg,fp and fighters favorite series gotta be legend of zelda, jojo,tekken, love the games
Jun 10-12
Guest. May 26-28
Mar 30-Apr 1
Jun 7-10