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How to analyze a primary source step by step? Guide - 2022



A researcher is engaged daily in finding sources for the research and analyzing them to check the credibility of the sources to be included. Research is credible when the sources used in it are authentic and trustworthy sources. But it has to be made sure that these sources are reliable and will not make your research illogical and without proper evidence.


When I write my paper, I consider analyzing the sources first, especially the primary sources so that what I write and include in the paper, should be reliable and credible to be used by the other researchers as well.


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A primary source is exactly what its name predicts: the analysis of the primary source. You might have heard the name of the primary source in your school or college from your teachers or fellow students. As an essay writer in school or college, you are always advised to use the primary source for writing or citing in your work.


Have you ever wondered if the sources you are using in your paper are credible or not? Or have you ever pondered analyzing the primary source?


In reality, primary sources are critical and difficult to research. It is beneficial to understand and get knowledge about how to analyze a primary source and justify it fairly.


Below are a few steps that can be used in order to analyze a primary source:



Follow these guidelines to finish your work in a timely manner. Then, if you are overworked and don't have time to do your work on time, you can turn to EssayWriter.College service websites for assistance with your academic projects.


A simple start: how do you think you need to start the analysis of a primary source? It is quite simple; you just need to answer some simple and basic questions. You need to focus on the three Ws of the question: what, who, and when. Think about what kind of source you are evaluating; who is the creator of the source; and when this source was created. Sometimes the fresher the source is the more credible it is. In many cases, the preference is given to those sources who are recent in their time.


Context: it depends on what kind of primary source you are analyzing and what context is to be considered. It is more significant in the sources that are related to history. Because in this case, you have to be sure that the event described in the sources and the idea conveyed match the actual event or the idea of the past. It can also be different such as a coincidence or any series of circumstances but whatever it is you have to consider the context. Keeping the context in order will give ample information about the credibility of the primary source.


Written for whom: research is always written for an audience. While you write the essay you need the intended audience of the source in mind to know to whom it was written. It can be different depending on the person to whom the source was addressed. It is a straightforward process such as letters or diaries that are often addressed to a single person. If you are analyzing any such primary source, consider the person in mind.


Summary: After you are done with all the above steps of analyzing the source, summarize the main elements of the source. You need to pick the significant information from the piece of writing and then address your audience about it. Give your audience the answer to why they need this source by keeping in view that your audience knows nothing about the source and you have to give them information and make them understand it.If you are still confused you can also consult a  write my essay service online.


Credibility: the most important thing in analyzing the resource is that it must be reliable and credible and by the time you reach this step, you are analyzing the credibility of the source. You have to justify why and how the source you are analyzing is credible and try to persuade your readers with your point. Tell your audience why this source is significant. Additionally, consider the ways it aids in understanding the topic under study. Sometimes a primary source can be credible but not significant.


The significance of the source can be analyzed by step three where you have to pay attention to the intended audience and how the research is benefiting. If the research is clearly providing benefits then it is credible.


Questioning: This is the most important step I emphasize because questioning helps to find the answers to the ambiguity you have regarding the source. Write down what you think about the source and what are your reflections about it. Write down everything you feel about the source and then handle it critically.


At this point, you are done with analyzing the primary source. You have done it with all your extensive efforts and you have completed the basic process. By this time, you are finally able to know where the primary source lies in terms of its different aspects.


This guide is to be repeated with every primary source. The process cannot be changed in any case, repeat the process and answer every question and step in detail to analyze the source with all best efforts.


However, despite the steps stated above, many find it difficult to deal with the evaluation of the primary source. No doubt that the evaluation and analyzing the primary sources are difficult, but you can consult the paper writing service to get the maximum information and evaluation of the primary source.


Therefore, consider these above-mentioned steps while you analyze the primary source you will end up making the best analysis of the primary source.




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