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24 year old Male
Last online 4 months ago
United Kingdom
been a long ass while since i been here, thought the site was down tbh, but here i am again, looking for my soul mate, maybe one day x

(intro from few years ago)
Hi, my name is Matt, and i like to make new connections/friends, and i try to be there for most of them especially when they're in need, my current friends normally go to me for advice and seek help and i try my best to cheer them up and understand their situations. that's just how i am haha, i want people to be happy.

Supportive, Kind, funny to some people, generous, passionate, inventive, practical, reliable, sincere, sympathetic.

my main hobby is music production, i make a variety of classical, dubstep, and a few other genres.

I lOVE electronic music, as well as other heavy music like rock/metal or post rock <3 . melodic or whatever, i love all kinds of music but these are my faves.

my height is around 5'7 or 170cm. birthday 24th december 1996..... ....no that doesnt mean i get twice as many presents XD i wish.