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Last online over 1 year ago
por ahí, Venezuela
I do art so if any of you is interested in doing commissions, here ya go:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Magdrafts
Discord: mariahaise#9419
Instagram: www.instagram.com/magdrafts

Description below :D

Well, I'm the kind of person that sees things as they are, I imagine new options. I'm a positive hard worker. Very nice to talk to and relaxed. If you are looking for a friend you're in the right place.
My personality cons may be that I'm sometimes very impersonal (don't take anything too seriously or just comment about things as third person), I'm very direct and blunt, I say things normal people are afraid to expose or ask from what I've been told. I'm kinda selfish and proud.
If you're looking for a relationship, I admire you, that's gonna be a hardship for you but I'll praise you if you at least try (you lose nothing right?).

My goals?

I seek for a lot of things, I want freedom more than anything. I want to be a professional to be able to gain money to travel as much as I want. So you can say my goal is to become anything I have to become in order to obtain my most preciated freedom.
I also want to protect my family and to give them a better life.

How am I about relationships? (Since this is a dating site after all)

I'm slightly afraid of commitment, unless I'm in love (guessing like most people). My sexual orientation is romantic asexual-heterosexual according to Internet, meaning I feel sexual desire mostly toward men and after I involve romantically speaking. I tend to be interested in a particular physical feature online but I've never once liked someone for looks in the real life. If you want to get to know me, befriend me first.

Characteristics I like in a man?

Smart, cunning, behaved, down to earth, hardworker, adventurous, ambitious, self-confident, supportive, selfish and mentally strong. I pretty much want someone in my same level. I want us to compliment ourselves, to be more incredible than we are, individually, together. I'd admit I'd like him to have better social skills than me but is not necessary. This is just what I want but I'm really not expecting anyone to fill all those requirements. (coughs* I like subs).

Anime likes?

Shonen, seinen, josei, comedy shojo, horror and gore. I've seen a lot of anime that I can remember so I often only mention the most important ones (you can ask according to what you've seen)

Tsumi to Kai is the last Manga I read and I loved it.

Out of the top three?

Naruto is my fav, followed by One Piece (freedom themes yay) and then there's Bleach...

Hobbies and likings? Just ask.

Height: 5'7"/ 170cm-173cm
Three sizes ;): 32in-24in-36in/ 83cm-61cm-93cm
Weight: 108lb/49kg.

Finally finished some decent description.