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Updated 11-25-19. Hi names maria. Im very shy. I watch alot of anime. If you would like a face picture . Ask for my Kik. :) And i can send you photos of myself . I love j-pop , k-pop. Vocaloid. I can also speak japanese. Also i love anime conventions. I love to cosplay , and i would love to travel to other conventions , so if any future friends would love me to visit and attend conventions with let me know. It would be awesome to meet ya and have fun! anyways later. Btw I'm also Italian , and white . ^_^ . Be kind
People don't message me if you
- ignore people
- have specific preference
- ghost out of people lives
- are troublesome
- rude /mean/or a bully

. More facts about me
Yugioh duelist
Pokémon trainer
Gamer girl
Anime geek
Otaku nerd
Animal lover .
I can keep long conversations about anything
I'm very friendly and outgoing
I like to travel.
We can all agree that baby GROOT is the most adorable little guy in HISTORY !!! ^[^ . Feel free to ask me anything ! Have a great /Awesomeness day !
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