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21 year old Female
Last online about 1 month ago
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campione @campione left a comment for mari00
May 25, 21 at 6:54am

For me I only like art that shows the heart and soul of the artist. I don't like politics controlling it.

Mar 27, 21 at 11:57pm

well I didn't even get a response lol, man this app is cursed

Mar 02, 21 at 3:11am

I appreciate your profile. Thoughtful bio with some low-key hobbies and a more unique taste in anime. I like!
we should chat some time next time ur online

Tibbs @tibbs left a comment for mari00
Feb 02, 21 at 10:24pm

Hi there. I'd really like to chat with you if that's alright.

Shoe @qsizmeh left a comment for mari00
Feb 01, 21 at 1:34am

Heya :D

crionix1791 @crionix1791 left a comment for mari00
Jan 04, 21 at 8:00pm

I can appreciate some poetry, unfortunately I've been too horribly unmotivated lately to do any writing.