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31 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
Just another lonely introverted (at first) guy trying to find a girl with similar tastes. I pretty much watch anything except straight shounen and shoujo but make exceptions. Google my name and animelist to find an updated list of the stuff I’ve watched. I’ll try to keep the list here updated though… eventually. Yes, I enjoy a good ecchi, harem rom-com and am a total closet degenerate.

Nowadays I have a bad habit of waiting for a series to hit blu-ray before binge watching it. A girlfriend would probably be the only thing able to make me watch live shows. I’m a terrible procrastinator which combined with the above causes me to have an endless backlog. Almost always a few years behind live airing shows. If you’re like me I really want to meet you.

I Keep telling myself I'll learn japanese eventually but I don't. Yet I have a huge collection of anime op & eds for my main music playlist. If this is also you I really, really want to meet you.

Aside from anime, the other thing I'm really into is gaming. Everything really but mostly on PC. Have a particular fondness for JRPGS, RPGS, MMOs, and recently Total War Warhammer. Also been getting a bit too into grand strategy but I promise i’ll keep that to myself.

Main waifus are:
-Shinobu (no that doesn't make me a loli I swear since I prefer her late teen early 20s form the best.... that might sound worse)
-Rei (nostalgia and think she was my first real one)

Honestly just looking for someone to geek out with and see if things develop from there.

Other than that I like to think I’m a decent cook and have a pair of Guinea Pigs as pets that have made me into their slave.