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Love these pix... ;)


So true...

Jan 16, 18 at 12:42pm

Haha it's an honor to be your very first. ;) and yeh i think she only said unpleasant but it's all gucci anyways.
(I'll play it cool and pretend i didnt send this like 2 weeks after because im m.i.a on this site)


*Gulps* Did you say storage..? I am attached to my stuff & while I know I should downsize at least a little bit more before getting my own place...I guess I'll probably be looking for a 1-bedroom apt. then...(Cause while my stuff does take up some doesn't take up as much space as it used to & isn't worth getting a storage unit for since I could spread it throughout the rooms in my own place once I have one). (In other words...with my own stuff @ my own place no one could complain that it's "junk" or that it's "in the way"). Wish I could feel the way you do about moving around! Because of all the dumb stuff I've had to go through...I've been forced to switch houses 10 times since '12! (The frequency of which was about "once-every-four-months" two years ago)! (Blahs). (Would write more about that...but I guess I shouldn't go into too many more details here for safety reasons cause once I start to vent I wont be able to stop). :/
(Speaking of which...thanks for letting me know your take on things...& for replying to my comment @ all)! :)

azanarchy left a comment for mangaanimemanhwaanrev4ev
Jan 02, 18 at 11:57am

Aw yeah living on my own is what I need to do. Not only do I have more bad memories I just don’t like staying in one place just makes me antsy. And yeah my name is actually just my psn name really. Was listening to Sex Pistols when I made the name haha. I don’t think I’d wanna stay anywhere forever regardless lol. That’s too long in one place. World is very vast and I definitely wanna see a lot of it haha even if I have to go alone to see it P: and yeah I think a studio is pretty liveable for anyone. As long as you have some good storage ideas it’d be fine for just starting out.

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