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22 year old Female
Last online about 3 hours ago
Gaming/Streaming/Cosplay/Kpop/World Traveler
Gaming every day basically.
Currently studying Japanese to be a translator.
I play ukulele and piano.
I'm in love with Japan and definitely wanna move there eventually.
I also do cosplay and twitch stuff.
Some games I enjoy are Persona 5, State of Decay 2, Destiny 2, League of Legends, Skyrim, The Yakuza Series, Life is Strange, Slime Rancher, Amnesia memories, Sid Meiers Civilization 5&6, Dragon's Dogma, Huniepop, Valkyria Chronicles and Jazzpunk. (I still have much more games)
Follow me on Twitch to see my gaming streams from time to time! (same name as mine)