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23 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
Berlin, Germany
Heya, Im a slightly introverted but fun and company seeking guy.

I cook as a hobby in my free time but am also interested in other things. Ive been sinking in time in boxing, table tennis and wood carving for example but anything can go as long as its fun or challenging.

I like to watch either thoughtprovoking/depressing animes like Deathparade and the likes, with some sprinkling of just goofy nonsense: Konosuba for example.
Ill soon read the entirety of Jojo part 7 and 8 enjoy the memes and join tje culture :D

In the meantime i work as a server/manager in a popular restaurant, afterwards ill plan to study culinary management starting after summer 2022.

Im 1,76 tall and rather strongly build if that matters :P
I dont smoke, or take drugs but i occasionally enjoy a drink in the evening, better with company xD
I speak fluent german and english and suck at japanese or my actual mother tongue: vietnamese xD

I would love to know more if you are interested, like to share stories and problems alike.