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23 year old Male
Last online 7 months ago
I enjoy pretty much all anime. I'm a sucker for heartwarming/ isikai's.
I play league fairly often not ranked tho.
username on lol is M1cr0o level 485 so far.
I play pretty much every roll except mid, I can play it just not as well as the rest.
I main Darius, Tryndamere, Tahm, Nasus, Warwick, Jinx, Zeri, Senna, Vaurs, Brand.
I play pretty much every thing under the sun lol. wouldn't say I'm the best but Im at least proficient in like 75% of the characters.
I play pretty much all games except for MMO/fighter games, just never got into em.
I grew up on Minecraft and dubbed anime. (cringe I know xD)
I've been staff at quite a few anime conventions mostly ones around Tennessee like mtac, yama-con, Akai-con, and a few I can't remember the names too. basically my mom didn't have the money for convention so she would just put us on staff/volunteer so we could go to em.
went to bronycon once it was like the last year they did one.
never really did panels and stuff just vendor row and the gaming room. I just enjoy the merch / the people in cosplay. it was fun to see people dressed up as the animes I watched.
I also been going to PUF (pagan unity festival) sense I was little and as soon as I was like a teenager I started doing staff as well.
Cherry blossom festival is also pretty fun.
I've been trying to learn Japanese since December. Just so I can enjoy anime without subtitles lol, just passively though like Duolingo once or twice every day.
I was born and raised in Tennessee. I've spent most of my life online playing video games. I never really made that many friends IRL mostly because I just kept moving from school to school as a kid. I've been to two elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools.
I got held back in first grade due to getting put into a more studious school as a kid. almost got held back in 5th grade do the same thing, but my parents just said no. we're moving him along. also, fun fact my parents also broke up in the 5th grade... due to a fight that I technically caused... It was more like the straw that broke the camel's back. they only stayed together due to the thought of it was best for the kids...
I enjoy having a beard not neck hair / only mustache tho.
I've worked at Wendy's and AMC. now I work for the US Air Force as E&E (electrical and environmental)
basically it's aircraft maintenance like wiring and the environmental of the aircraft.
I'm stationed at whiteman Air Force Base.
I didn't really choose the job but here I am, I hate how a lot of liquids feel/ stick to your hands as well as the horrid smells. It's basically E&E in nutshell. needless to say I like to take a shower right after work everyday just to rid myself of the smell. and if I ever get anything on my OCPs that reek I normally swap that piece of clothing, like b-half omg that stuff makes your head spin.
I've never really been in a real relationship before (other than 1-2 year relationship online that only died cuz we slowly stopped hanging out over time that was when I was in high school around 2019-2020...)
needless to say im still a virgin...
I was more of the kinda kid that just listen to music between classes and just tried to go through the day as fast as possible... mental was not really good until like high school not going to lie.
One of the main reasons I joined the Air Force is just because I never wanted to really pursue what was available at the high school level and I didn't want to be in debt from college. my dad was in the army and my uncle was in the Air Force. my dad said if you're going to go military go Air Force cuz they treat you like a human. Then I went into E&E. I do hate the duality of man but they do treat me better than I would be in any branch of the military so I can't really complain.
so far the job has been pretty fun, but sadly I have to work with chemicals that I simply can't stand. so yeah I bring like cologne to work if I ever get sprayed with something that I can't stand...
I'm also PRP so technically my base treats me a lot better than other bases so at least I'm somewhat lucky.
not that I hate being a mechanic but boy I hate the chemicals that come with that environment; not to mention rules and regulations that restrict me oh boy, funniest part I signed up for a 6-year XD. needless to say I'm in it for the long haul.
I have my own car. it's a smaller car. a Nissan Sentra blackish gray 2023.
I recently acquired glasses. I'm nearsighted so gotten away with not having them until now.
never been a fan of blue light over the course of long times, especially in dark rooms. so the fact that I can now have enjoy transition lenses/ blue light blocking glasses is a blast.
anywho, this bio is probably getting way too long for my own good, but as you can probably tell I'm pretty scatterbrained at times XD