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36 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
Hello friends!

I'm a little bit of everything rolled into one ball that can't ever make decisions. I like fishing, football, hockey, hurricanes, windy days, the cold, music of nearly every genre, anime, table top and video games, and who knows what else.

Also, my Anime list is currently tiny because I am lazy AF. As I get around to it I'll add more to it... probably....

I'm looking for friends and possible relationships, and interested in finding more people as I try to grow my circle of acquaintances! I'm an Archaeologist/registrar by trade, so if you have any questions involving that let me know (though, if it isn't the south eastern U.S. I probably can't help!).

I'm super friendly, sarcastic, witty, and playful. I don't really have a serious side and I don't get offended at all. Feel free to ask anything!

Oh, and I got crushes on Rin, Teacup, Charles, Enki, and Snake. <3