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28 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
Boston, NY
I've been an otaku for most of my life, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. To me, anime isn't just a hobby. IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!

I'm also really into video games and card games, I can't stand the government, and I'm a HUGE antagonist lover. Usually, when I watch anime, I root for the antagonists. Yes, I know they'll lose in the end, but that makes no difference to me. So, if that's a problem for you, then move along.

I do like to think that I have a great sense of humor though, and would love to meet some fellow otaku in my area. I'm not looking for anything long-distance. I always respect other people's opinions and views though and would appreciate it if others would do the same for me. Thanks. Hope to hear from ya soon, ladies. ;)

I've also got an account on Discord if you'd rather chat there. My profile name there is DracoLucifer790, and my number is 0139.