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34 year old Male
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elhaym @elhaym left a comment for luciendar2k
Oct 01, 17 at 12:02pm

I searched a bit for this tea brand - looks very interesting, especially the true blueberry! The design reminds me on yogi tea. Have you heard on it?

Sorta. I get strong aches in my upper abdomen if I drink mint tea. That's so pity. I'm not sure if it stick together with my fructose intolerance, but I have read that many other people with that intolerance has almost similar problems (but nobody with strong aches).

Don't worry - you didn't bother me in your last message. I think it's normal to be curious. I appreciate your kind words. If you have any question, you can ask me anytime.

Sep 30, 17 at 9:29pm

Cool. Just sit back and enjoy your chats with some sweets.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for luciendar2k
Sep 30, 17 at 2:54pm

Earl Grey is a nice tea to start the day (better than coffee!). Today, I bought a Madame Grey (with bergamotte and orange) - I like the taste of it. Is the Celestial tea a cold one?`Fresh mint from the garden has an amazing taste. Sadly that I can't drink mint tea...


Let's don't talk us about me. I'm a sensitive person with too much emotions. Often I wish I could switch off my feelings.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for luciendar2k
Sep 30, 17 at 1:27am

Thank you.

Tea tastes so good if it hot - especially without sugar. Do you have a favourite tea?

Good luck to get in touch with your cousins in Europe.

Sep 29, 17 at 12:57pm

I'm fine and yeah it has. Anything new?

Sep 29, 17 at 12:18pm

Hey, how are you?

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for luciendar2k
Sep 29, 17 at 10:52am

Ohhh I'm sorry! If I got a "long" message, I need some time to respond - but this one I have forgotten to answer you. Good that you ask about it. ごめんください。 (・ω・` )

Warm sake taste very exciting and a hot one is better than a cold one. Don't worry, I'm also not a huge drinker - excepting tea :3

Sadly that you have never talked to your German relations. MP sounds like a risky job. Was is still quiet and calm there?

Really really sorry that I have forgotten to answer you .__.


here, take this. the quest to find the deaf monk can be a treacherous one and you must stay clear of mind and soul or forever will you wander


but has the moon waned??

nagoya @nagoya left a comment for luciendar2k
Sep 18, 17 at 4:33pm

Yeah i so agree with you i really like this kind of website where you can just talk with people who share the same passion without limits of langage culture or even distance, ps you have a really nice way to talk ahah