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zethus @zethus left a comment for lotusdreaming
Apr 11, 20 at 2:28am
I'm new here too. If you want to chat, you can message me back.
Mar 24, 20 at 5:27am
Bastard is a pretty good psychological/horror manhwa if you need something new to read. The Aku no Hana manga was also neat, though that one isn't horror. As for anime I'd recommend Kuuchuu Buranko, Mononoke (the horror/psychological tv series) and The Tatami Galaxy!
animage @animage left a comment for lotusdreaming
Feb 26, 20 at 10:57pm
Its no problem and i love konosuba. Megumin is best girl. If you havent seen reborn in another world with average ablities or asscendance of a bookworm. I highly recommend those.
Lamby I've been doing the same now as well, or at least I'll investigate and see if I think they look interesting. Also, if they start off with short messages just like "hi" or "how are you" I generally won't answer anymore but only because it gets redundant.. None yet Onizuka, hopefully not jinxing myself here lol
For me, I've only actually gotten a small handful of creepy messages, more-so lately. It's mostly just getting a lot of messages at once and having a hard time keeping up, but so far I've met some lovely people here. I feel bad because sometimes I'm not the best at replying and socializing, but I'm really here just testing the waters. Also, I second the trap thing, people tend to ask me if I'm one as well.