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Last online over 1 year ago
San Diego, CA
Hello, I'm a guy who likes to enjoy watching anime and reading manga.
I'm about 17 years old currently a Senior in High school.
My favorite anime currently is Tokyo Ghoul and Guilty Crown.
My favorite manga is Bleach.
I like playing games like MMORPGS, JRPG, LOL, Overwatch, and solo games such as Persona 5.
My favorite colors are black and white.
My favorite music are calming and chill music and sometimes Japanese Rock.
I have a tuxedo cat name Kurono.
Also my ethnicity is Asian which is Vietnamese.
Goal: To have a entertaining life and to have awesome career in Computer Engineering.
Goal: Is to have a life where I can help anyone in need and to be able to go to college after High school.

Also no need to be afraid to message me :3