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37 year old Male
Last online over 6 years ago
Louisville , KY
I am a graphic designer for a company called fantasy soft Entertainment. I am producing a manga series called DNA Sabers. I Like to play video games and collect figures. I am also a paranormal investigator. I am also a concept artist for fantasy soft.The only cosplay i have done so far is of Freddy Krueger and Deadpool. I am looking for someone who gets into the things i do and that cosplays so i can more often. Someone who i can make a future with someone sweet and kind that is respectful to me that wont lie or cheat.I want to someday marry and be with a woman who wont just up and walk out on me just because things get hard. Love is suppose to be stronger than all the bad that life throws at you so i want someone who can be a Adult but still be a kid at heart. Someone who can fall for me even though i have kids. It is so hard trying to find a woman who wont turn tail and run just because i have kids i know it wouldnt bother me if a woman has a child i can learn to love them as my own.