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24 year old Female
Last online 9 months ago
Hello. Just looking for friends. I like anime and games. Sometimes I don't reply because my mental state is literally trying to kill me.

I usually remove people who don't talk to me or don't accept my friend requests due to anxiety.

I also really love fire emblem, I've played every game released in the west and now I need to play the older ones too uwu

EDIT: If I dont like you, you will definitely know and we will cease all communication, I can't stand certain kinds of people, and if youre one of them dont bother talking to me. Im not gonna name names, but some of you hold yourself up on a pedestal and arent really worth anything in my eyes. I also hate having to see your nudes on my timeline? No one cares if youre a camgirl lmao

Not really going to be adding anyone too young anymore, as they tend to not know how to have a conversation without being annoying.