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I love anime and I occasionally play games. I like to listen to music, mostly when I'm not really doing anything or doing something that takes a while.
I don't have many friends, especially any who like 'weeb' stuff, so making friends with some people who do would be ABSOLutely MARVELous! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

A bit of what I used to have on my profile, can now be found on my MAL page. So have a look, if you want:

If you're reading this, then feel free to continue if you'd like.

This is the type of person I am, romantically. I guess?
I've always been single, unless you count elementary school, so I can only be about 60% certain...
"You're the light in the mist that brings color into my life."
I'd like to think I'd do anything to make my partner happy and feel loved. Cook for her, help wash her in the bath/shower, hold and cuddle with her, do/watch things she enjoys, carry her to bed, etc. But I'm also a bit mischievous, I'll probably pull small pranks and tease her a bit too.

I have nearly straight dark brown/black hair, which I typically keep short but occasionally grow out a bit. It's natural and never dyed, if that matters. I don't know...
Dark brown eyes, close to black in certain lighting. Like my hair. Glasses, usually wear rectangle lens.
I usually have a beard, same color as my hair but with red throughout, but typically prefer it to be short. Almost stubble. Also natural and never dyed.
5'5. Not muscular, a little over weight.
But will work out if I get with someone. I want to be able to keep up with any future children. I'd preferably want to have a daughter over a son, I've always dreamed of doting on my daughter, but certainly wouldn't mind having a son. Especially if he's the first born, with his sister second. Or maybe third?

I think I'm okay looking, at least enough to have gay guys hit on me a few times over the years or simply be called cute/handsome...
Also, most woman around where I live are either 10 years+ older/younger, in a relationship/married, or is a lesbian. So, my options aren't great locally...

I can be pretty shy and bashful. Typically the first to bow out if someone needs/wants the same thing as me, but also willing to drop everything to help someone when asked.
But I can be pretty determined and straightforward when I wanna be. I'm pretty honest, I actually make it a point to avoid lying.
So go ahead and ask anything. If I don't want to answer, I'll tell you so. Otherwise I'm practically an open book.
INFJ, 8w7, and a Pisces

I can cook relatively well. Yes, I would cook for birthdays and anniversaries, if time and plans allow. But not for large groups...
I do not smoke or drink alcohol.
Ideally, I'd like my partner to not smoke. Especially weed, I cannot stand the smell. I'm at least somewhat used to cigarettes since my mom and older brother smokes.
As far as drinking goes, be responsible and not get plastered every time...
Not religious. At most I'm spiritual... barely. Don't expect me to go to church with you every Sunday. Maybe on holidays...
But I am pretty open to trying most things at least once. Especially games.

Ideally, someone close to my age or a bit younger.
But not more than 5 years younger, even then I'm a bit hesitant. Since my younger brother is only 3 years younger than me...
At least 5' and not much more than 6'
Slim or petite build
Preferably small breasts, A-C cups

Honestly, I'm starting to get to the point of giving up, probably once I turn 31... I didn't exactly 'put myself out there' as much as I probably should have. But I just don't think I'd stand much of a chance against better looking, more successful, and confident guys.
I guess I'm just the typical unconfident otaku type, who tends to be the 'nice guys finish last' person.

Oh and as an added piece of information, probably not something I should mention... but oh well.
I'm still a virgin. But I'm not oblivious to the concept of sex, just inexperienced. In an unpracticed sense, not necessarily knowledge.