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25 year old Female
Last online 11 months ago
Lives: In your closet~,
(Que typical profile layout)

I'm just a bored potato

(Que fireworks)


(Okay now that that's finished lmao)

Lol on a serious note!
I'm a very chillaxed person,Im very much a tomboy but not the extremely boyish type XD annnnd I love to talk to people mean or nice XD. Just message me (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I don't bite ~

Let's seeee ummm what should I say nowww... Oh yeah im 5'5", very big on games (que the loli rage), im a sucker for sweets and adorable people and hmmm I married my bed XD

I'm also a verrrrrryyyy sleepy person so if I don't reply its because I'm either sleeping or busy XD


~ センシ#0197


Psssttt.....you there....this is a very special detail I forgot to add when I first made my profile bio lmao don't judge me. I am a VERY sadistic person. I won't hurt you (。♥‿♥。) don't be scared~