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꧁ Lilo꧂

120 year old Female
Last online about 4 hours ago
Cloud nine,

(Last updated on November 11th)~in progress~
-leek dancing starts- as you enter my bio-
Hiya you may address me as lilo
I'm currently 21(yeah I know I'm getting old stfu k?)
My birthday is july 28
I have a favorite stuffed animal named teddy(touch him and you'll die)
•leo• ( people who believe in horoscopes say that im most compatable with another leo, gemini, libra and aries but to be honset gemini and me arent always cool togethef either)
•Hufflepuff •

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~im an active roleplaer so I roleplay a lot
So hit me up I'm not only a whole lot but I'll try when I can
OK bye bye now
Im just kidding :p
I guess i like people that are my best friend i guess i like heathly arguing i kinda like to be put in my place
If I flirt with you it's a natural thing for me so......don't take it seriously?
My dark side is my agrogannce,and i know how to bottle up my feelings and then if i bottle em up for too long dont look at me like that dont think i wont take your life in broad daylight? Honsetly if we fo have to get physical when i start laughing your gonna end up pretty messed up its my nature i know how to channel my anger into rage .
As a friend i want someone to talk to and if i really like you ill always be their. Act like your broken i like fixing things i could care less but i will never leave even after your fixed or i just want a friend to have my back ill have yours and dont cross me okay?
Come back when i update more or not im not your mom i dont care whatcha do
Ok a little more things some things I will will block you if you do
Be an asshole
Try to diss me for no reason
Start drama
Ask me for nudes
Ask me for pics in gerenal ( unless it's of my pets or teddy)
some quotes I live by
"Never put raisins in Cookie's "
"Go change local mother does not approve you look like a hoe ".(this is from my mom)
"When life gives you lemons squeeze em into lifes eyes".
Do not take me kindness for weakness by the way I will choke you with the same hand I feed you with
My MO (maiotaku) family.
Dads; ash(left the website :( ) and aaron
Brother ; frozen
Son; trongx
(Btw I just to let you know I'm only looking for friends)
Don't touch @mikan_kat or I'm coming for your toes k ? She my wifau(she not my girlfriend ;w;)
Ethnicity; african american and native american (don't call me black my skin is NOT black it is brown)
So I've been going through a thing and I am now a genderfliud I am biologically female but I will not liked to be addressed as a female
Preferred pronouns ; they/them
Thank you for respecting me if you use then correctly :3
I am a huge music geek I'm in love with music ( so you could open up with music I'll totally be up for it!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ no cookie cutter questions please talk to me about a certain thing I'll ingore and eventually block you ty!
So I don't get to friend request as much as I used to at some point I had to many friends and (like the introvert I am ) I deleted a lot of people so if I get to your friend request don't worry I'll get to it if I see your not an alt or a one day account also NO FRIEND FARMING FUCK OFF I also almost never send friend request unless I have a question so if I do your sPeCiAl
Also most of the things or funny comments I say in forums are intended for SATIRE AND COMENDY I will repeat SATIRE AND COMENDY so if you comment on my feed or call me out or dm about it or just bitch about it I will ingore you and laugh immersively at your stupidly
Let me tell you a story
A beautiful maiden with hair reaching to her waist
She sung her beautiful song on the tall rock to sailors and the fisherman all night
But don't trust the angelic voice she is a seepaert
With those beautifully brown eyes and black midnight hair
That woman is a siren
She took the the unlucky back down the sea with her and watched them drown
How you might ask? Doesn't she drown?
Oh you native child
She has a waist upward of a woman and the rest of her body a fish
She is what the old tales call a siren
Don't trust that voice don't trust her not matter what.
Or you'll never return