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Emiko Sachiko Kai

22 year old Female
Last online about 5 years ago
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Oct 30, 14 at 5:41am

eh~ sorry, took some time to respond have been busy with school stuff and such ~_~ well about me, im nhan truong but just call me aka like my nick though.

Oct 27, 14 at 1:15am

Nice nickname:))
I'm Hana....
Nice meeting you^^
How are you?

Oct 16, 14 at 12:44am

hmmmm, im not sure how in depth you want to know so here goes. my name is nam nguyen, my nationality is vietnamese, i was born in Atlanta, Georgia but due to some circumstances with family i had to move around a little bit until settling down in annapolis maryland. 19 years of age and almost 20, had some college classes done but taking a year off since my parents doesnt want me to take out loans, so i got my old job at the movies back. not really a bad place to be working in, nice hours, lovely people, the good life. in the meanwhile i self learn a lot now a days so that when i get back in school i shouldnt have too much of a hard time. my main major is COMP SCI PROG and minor in math, my hobbies are drawing (trying to draw my own manga one day), and play video games. my dream is to travel the world with the one i love. hmmmmm i think that's pretty much a summary.....HBU?


Ah I see ;0;
I'm sorry to hear that friend...
My boyfriend and are long distance.
We are almost gonna hit our 3 month anniversary ^^
He lives in south Carolina and I'm in California :3
I mean I have those days were I wanna die cause he is not next to me but he drops everything that he is doing and calls me on Skype to comfort me ^^
Since Im schizophrenic he is the only guy that knows how to handel it.


That's why I added you! XD
Your similar to me also :3
I'm Vanessa by the way ^^
So what's up? :D

Oct 14, 14 at 10:37pm

meh, been tired lately, like to the extreme :(

Oct 07, 14 at 1:18pm

nice to meet you too my name is nam, sashiki is my mmo name

how are you?


Yep i have so many things I want to be I wonder which i will chose b4 Halloween gets here

Mar 22, 14 at 5:42pm

lol so whats up?


Yep I love that feeling of excitement of becoming somebody new and wearing something that makes me feel like im in that world. I get that feeling every time when Halloween rolls around