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Kodoku na Doutei

35 year old Male
Last online over 3 years ago
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[Reply on your commment you made on my drawing:] XD i am not that good drawing animals but i tried!
sashiki @sashiki left a comment for Kodoku na Doutei
Aug 23, 14 at 2:04am
you would actually look perfect, well with your profile pic and leon's hair, i think you can pull it off sooooo well
sashiki @sashiki left a comment for Kodoku na Doutei
Aug 17, 14 at 12:03am
dude, have anyone told you that'd you make a great Leon S. Kennedy? man you would look so cool
^////^ You're too kind thank you for the kind words :)
It sure is! I wear contacts from time to time but they're completely clear. They're naturally grey-blue. :)
since April 2013 it is now April 2014 12 months went by so yes a year. ^^ so yeah thank you.
meh you haven't talk to me in a year and no thanks I don't need any more guy "friends" if I'm stuck in the friend zone then just don't talk to me at all ^^
no nnot yet i can't find a paycheck to paycheck guy thats like the art i old 1990s anime or 1980's etc i can't a guy thats not a japan addict on here i wannt an annime lover but not a hardcore anime lover u know where thinngs are everywhere inn there room i want it to atleast have a house where it doesnt look like an anime phat house xD so what about you last time i check you diss me ass away so what do you want now?
Lol O3O are you a mind reader or something e.O
This account has been suspended.