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21 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
Dallas, GA
Hello my name is Jason.
I'm bad at making these lol.
Well I love anime and other nerdy things like playing video games and reading manga. I also love music like K-Pop and japanese, etc.
Also love Supernatural!
Would take a long time to add all my anime so just ask!
I love japanese culture and plan on visiting in 2020!

Lucid dreams are the best!

Looking for some more friends... and maybe a cute girl I can cuddle watch anime and do other nerdy things with :) I dont mind if you are shy ( i actually find it cute! )

I am an honest guy and I consider myself as verry kind and loyal. I'm pretty outgoing but sometimes I may have a bit of social anxiety.

If you wanna know anything just ask!

If you want my PSN just ask!

Hentai and chill. Pet x Master.