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27 year old Male
Last online over 7 years ago
Durham, United Kingdom
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Mar 29, 14 at 1:14pm

Hi there hows things?


Happy new years bro

borsty24 @borsty24 left a comment for kirigaya_kazuto
Jan 01, 14 at 1:22am

Happy New years Max! Have a good one!

Dec 24, 13 at 4:04pm

Ifrits cudgel isn't a bad weapon, it will definitely hold you over for a while haha. And no worries man we're patient xD


Hey kiri did you swap servers yet

Deactivated @ruby left a comment for kirigaya_kazuto
Dec 24, 13 at 5:26am

Oh aww tht sucks >< lol...but good thingyou remembered it ,I probably shouldn't have the same password for everything x.x but its easy to remember lol!,I'm doing great =] just watching kikis delivery service,showing my little brother.wbu? ^~^

Dec 24, 13 at 1:43am

Well when you do I'll help you out :p I'm geared enough now that I think I can survive titan hm xD finally got up to ilvl74(avg)

Dec 24, 13 at 1:17am

Haha yeah, but as long as you can last through the heart phase it doesn't matter, they'll carry you regardless if you're dead then :p

Deactivated @ruby left a comment for kirigaya_kazuto
Dec 23, 13 at 7:15am

Haha wellnothings wrong with tht,lately ive been thinking tht way XD aloot,and i believe you dw lol..(srry for the late reply)

Dec 22, 13 at 1:47pm

Yeah I did CT last night but I had no idea what was going on haha, everyone was japanese and trying to explain things so I kept dying and it was pretty disgraceful...I'll probably try again today but it's about as bad as titan hm imo haha