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28 year old Male
Last online over 3 years ago
Perth, Australia
Just another otaku xD

I'm a Quiet guy who plays alot of games, reads tons and loves good scrripted drama or action packed gore fests, but I do have a thing for the note book so I don't know exactly what genre I really like of entertainment.

I love animals, birds, cats and pretty much any and all animals. I've had many and I don't really get out much being a quiet guy. I do stuff just only when I feel comfortable doing it or in company, I read a fair amount of books and manga. Bleach, One Piece, Naruto and many more. Love my daily anime and shonen weekly, probably will move to another country one day just don't know where. already lived in two countries thought why not make it a third ha ha.

I play fortnite alot, Smite, League and others. I love any game really and are into and have some retro consoles too, currently studying Game Design for a whole year and electronics and computer engineering aswell. Planing on making handheld game devices for disabled kids and or with autisim or something along those lines. I think games should only bring people together but make them better too!

I do have pet peeves but only very few, pretty lax dude and if there's anything I misseed not sure what it is. I'm not picky I thihnk all women have a feminin charm and allure that's unqiue to them and only them. I like quiet girls though being a scorpio and I like girls who are funny and silly. but most of all loyal.