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Haru Kun

Last online about 10 years ago
Sup, i'm Austin I'm 17, and i'm a senior in high school. I am an otaku and pretty nerdy. I mainly watch anime, read manga, play games, build stuff, go to conventions, hang out with friends, play tabletop RPG's like Pathfinder and D&D. I also play some card games such as MTG (Though I don't build decks or play tournaments for a hobby.) Acension, and some other games. I am also currently learning Japanese if anyone would like to study on here or teach me that would be cool. I used to watch anime as a kid and found a standard group of people to hang out with. From there I pretty much got more into Anime. What kind of anime do I like? Well i'm pretty much into everything. If it peaks my interest i'll watch it. My Anime list on here is not complete and probably will never be. If you want to see all the anime I have seen so far then go to animeplanet.com and search Nyataku. That covers quite a bit about me but there is more to it. So if you want to find out more just drop me a message or something.
Jun 23-24
Aug 2-4
Oct 31-Nov 3