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31 year old Female
Last online 11 months ago
Cut Bank , MT
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Apr 12, 19 at 8:01pm

My son’s surgery was a success. His adenoids were so big they were blocking his nasal airway, and his tonsils were almost closing off his throat.

Apr 09, 19 at 9:47pm

Meet our new puppy Belle

Apr 05, 19 at 6:25am

Sorry that I’m not on much. My son has to have surgery next week, so I’m running around like a mad woman getting everything ready and situated.

Mar 31, 19 at 10:08pm

Just got all of my deep cleaning done for our new puppy which we get on Wednesday

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 left a comment for kassy89
Mar 04, 19 at 8:35pm

Thanks for the request

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for kassy89
Mar 04, 19 at 9:45am

Welcome, welcome. you must be one strong lady to be raising 3 kids on your own o.o. My parents wish I had even one T.T. You seem like a cool cat who is down to earth. It's a pleasure meeting ya mate!

aho girl @ahoonnanoko left a comment for kassy89
aho girl @ahoonnanoko
Mar 01, 19 at 3:50pm

Welcome to MaiOtaku!