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18 year old Female
Last online 8 days ago
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Oct 18, 20 at 2:40am

*me seeing your improved bio* Nice!

*Also me* Wait a minute...

Oct 18, 20 at 12:20am

Lol if I were you I probably would have yeeted meself off the site by now and not being mean by it pfft (no offense guys)


Hello! I just couldn't help but notice that you have 2 favourite animes in common with me and that you also claim to be a writer. Have you published any fanfics about either Puella Magi or Sailor Moon anywhere? If yes, can I please read them? Also, do you do crossovers? If yes, would you be interested in collaborating on a crossover of either Sailor Moon and Star Wars or Puella Magi and Star Wars?


Hi there, wanna do a collaboration?

neeto @neet_one left a comment for justawriter
Oct 16, 20 at 12:54am

Your know, at your sisters age those things don't often work out for very long. I wouldn't let it bother you. Besides, it's not a competition anyway, right?

Oct 15, 20 at 11:36pm

Dear God...


So what if your younger sister found love? You're 18, you've got plenty of time, so don't lose faith ok?