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I wish I had someone to duel with (yugioh) with physical cards
Oct 22, 16 at 7:32pm
Wait pause...they have a manga museum?! I can't read japanese nor am I good at literature in any regards but...sign me up to work there! xD Hm, well I just imagine its like certain areas and such. Like even in the US its very diverse but its still very easy in the city to tell who are tourists (besides the one's who get off the tour buses lol). So I guess that's what I imagine. Certainly anyone who goes there who isn't of the same decent probably stands out a bit more (like I would) because I don't think they have as much diversity (well the type that's recognizable to everyone- there is actually a lot in asia but anyone not from there has a hard time figuring that out haha). How many times did you get lost? I have a feeling I'll be like screw the flight back, spend my ticket money on merch and just crash in japan. xD I wish...still gotta be sure I get round trip tickets :'D Have a good weekend!
Oct 21, 16 at 6:05pm
Really?! I suppose. I went to a 4 year state for tech stuff, while I'd have loved japan or any other country. I think studying their culture is best done outside of class where I don't spend hundreds (same for gender stuff, politics, media) can learn most of that online. But the only places that were cheaper were places like certain parts of asia and africa (still cool, but I couldn't afford airlines even if I wanted haha). I don't resent university, I just hate that I'm stuck with stuff for 10 yrs after. Once I get experience I'm hoping I can do something a bit more fun. Glad you enjoyed studying abroad though! I'd love to visit those places to explore but if I was in a class I wouldn't be exploring much lol. Those 2 cities if you show up and you're a tourist I imagine they automatically label you as some sort of otaku-wannabe or something right. Especially Akihabara xD
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