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34 year old Male
Last online over 3 years ago
I am a person that tries to see the beauty of life in everything and i try really hard to be good to other people, to understand and help.
The animes i like are vast and diverse with certain tendencies, shonen, historical, supernatural, martial arts, epic.
I'm a Christian by fate and by reason, i have a strong sense of moral and values i cherish for justice and peace.
I have an open mind i accept people as they are and always try to see things from their perspective, but never losing my own and won't abide evil.
Am aware of how little my knowledge is since creation is so vast and because of that i like to learn new things, i am a very curious person.
I am old fashioned, i love romance and to spoil the people i love.
There is a lot of stuff that i like, kids, pets, nature, science, sports (just got back to do Ninjutsu, the real martial art not that anime stuff. . . silly =D), books, music, poetry, culture, history, games, programming, electronics, movies, traveling, creating things with my imagination of the things i like, etc.
I have a sharp humor but i laugh of silly things a lot, sometimes by myself an at random =D.
I like to listen to music and go deep in thoughts, i am a daydreamer, have big dreams for the future, but i know that the biggest riches a human can get is a family and to be able do his purpose in life, everyone have the purpose of bringing happiness and light to this world.
One of my favorite bible chapter is this one: 1 Corinthians 13, read it it is very inspiring.
I am a Brazilian =), and with that you should expect some things that we share: We are very warm, we love to hug, to talk, to socialize, to share, to be friendly, to dance (not me), (even the Brazilian version of shy people do that, i'm one).
We are very family oriented, it is very important to us.
We are very passionate, so be careful if you became one of our many passions we will fight to protect precious things. =3
We have a "jeitinho" for almost anything.
Did u really read all this? You leveled up!