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Feb 24, 24 at 9:07am
Wow, es ist so schwer andere deutsche zu finden die auch Visual Novels kennen und sogar lesen! Voll nice jemanden zu entdecken der die auch mag. Würd sehr gerne mal chatten wenn du Lust hast~ (*- -)(*_ _)
@wolfneko i mean, try using both cables at once but as you say it worked since a long time maybe the PSU or your graphics card could have be damaged by some mechanical issue (cold soldering spots at the connectors or bad connection in your PCIe port, if you have switched the graphics card, it might help if you clean the PCIe Connector with Pressured air on your mainboard und clean the PCIe header on your Graphics card with a rubber but your issue is not common since you say the power delivery cables where tigtly connectet and it still doesent run