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Heyo im trying to become a truck driver.

Some interesting facts about me:

I grew up loving cartoons but didnt see many popular movies like star wars, The Goonies.

Im half black half german, 6'1 and my brother is special needs with low functioning autisum.

I've been a picky eater since birth but have gotten a lot better in my 20s ( love tacos, burritos, italian food, greek food!).

I have a spice rack and a lot of cooking utensils though im not consisently cooking!

I have no kids, not married and stay with my folks.

I game and watch anime sometimes but I mostly enjoy tooning into Youtube gaming drama/news.

Big Asmonbald fan, not too big into Vtubers

Im not big into music, like some albums are amazing first listen but majority of the time i dont listen to music.

I wear glasses, am.bald and have a beard.

Anyway heres my discord : mrvan712