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Last online 6 months ago
Hello i'm Jim, Long long time anime collector and convention nerd, I also Help work conventions with a friend of mine at his booth and enjoy the atmosphere of like minded people. I was just curious could a site like this actually work? So i signed up! I AM OLDER lol, 45! and i still enjoy watching and collecting and sharing my hobby with other's, About me personally, Otaku? sure. Until you get to know me im a bit of a introvert, I do love traveling to conventions and working events, I tend to be very laid back and enjoy life and my hobbies, I'm a gamer too, i enjoy learning about drawing and digital art, I love messing with electronics collecting figures and con badges. Personality im just not into drama, i like to keep good folks close and negative people as far away as possible. I've been involved working in politics on simply a campaign level for family as a democrat, It's very polarized right now politics that is so why not be up front with it. I have gay/bi/them/they and trans friends whom are just the best. I like people for who they are and there honesty. I'm a big kid in a slowly aging body haha. Well there is a lot more of course about me but im just winging this explanation of myself as honestly as i can. Would be amazing to find a connection with someone else that dosent mind having to deal with a guy that just loves his hobbies.
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