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jennythesnowwolf (ジェニー)

30 year old Female
Last online 8 months ago
Greenwich Village Manhattan, NY
Hi I'm Jenny(ジェニー), I live in Greenwich Village Manhattan. I'm 5.9. I speak fluently in Japanese(私は日本語を流暢に話します). I wish to go to Japan & New Orleans. I love watching anime, crime dramas(NCIS, Blue Bloods), sitcoms(2 Broke Girls), K-Dramas, & shows like (Vampire Diaries & it's sequels). I also love watching family guy, American Dad,& futurama. I love reading manga, manhua, manhwa, web comics, & light novels. When I'm not watching TV, movies, or reading I play video games (PSP Vita, PS3, Nintendo Switch Lite). I'm currently trying to get a PS4 Slim. My genre's are RPG & Simulation game's(Genshin Impact, visual novels, & the "tale of" series). I've a blond cat named Lucy. I like taking things at my own pace. If I rush I'll definitely mess up &/or forget. I'm told I'm too nice for my own good. I'm a picky eater. I work part-time on Tu, Thu, Fri, & Sat. I'm learning how to cook. I'm stubborn at times. I'm a Pisces. I've a strong sense in hearing & smell. I like people with weird quirks that makes others laugh. I'm fully vaccinated(plus booster). I'm also an atheist & democrat. As well as an empathetic. I sometimes forget to login in case i don't message back. my favorite colors are blue & red. I'm Free spirited.