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Resting (¬_¬) face

27 year old Male
Last online 4 months ago
Secane (Philadelphia), PA
I don't have much of an interest in rping so if your gonna try at least buy me dinner first!
I’m also not interested in your friend farming so if that’s your goal kindly F off, thank you.

Otherwise let's talk, if you sent me a friend request I'll accept, but don't expect me to sent one out, because the only way I know I'm loved is if I get friend requests. I think I've only sent one request and that's because I reeeaaaallllyyyy wanted to talk to them, can you guess who it was?

Huge anime fan, I also play a lot of video games (steam, hit me up). I am a huge computer nerd, I spend most of my time messing with computers. I also like to travel.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of manga and not watching anime.

Oh, forgot to mention, I have a huge anime figure collection.

I am looking for a relationship, but also friends to talk about anime with and to possibly go to a con with as none of my friends are very interested in anime.

I’m bi and I love femboys!

I know this is a crappy about me, but it's 12am and I'm exhausted so deal.

You can DM me here or on Discord I really don’t give a shit which.

Elegant Slime#9011