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25 year old Female
Last online about 1 year ago
I play video games, draw, and watch anime.

My top games of all time are the jak series.
I love playing mmorpgs, so I would love someone
To play with.

There is probably more anime then I could list
That i'v watched. Tho I remember them once I'm
Reminded of the name that is.

I listen to just about anything music wise,
So no general preference.

All in all I'm boring, but I like to play
Around, joke, and just have a good time with
People I trust. I'm very shy at first but I item
Up after awhile.
My since of humor is, a mix of sarcastic,
Raunchy, and straight up dark.

Ps no I can't draw anime tho I wish I could,
My specially is monsters, dragons, and beasts
Or just tribal and symbols